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Core business portfolio of services

We have expertise to undertake individual and outsourcing projects at very competitive prices. Our goal is for clients to have maximum benefits from the outsourcing agreement with complete guarantee for an efficient system and information management environment. Our service offering includes:
  • IT Assessment and Strategic Planning
  • Systems Analysis, Design and Integration
  • Cost-effective Computing Service (CEC)
  • Architectural Services (Technical and Business Database Service)
  • Disaster Recover and Continuity
  • Quality Assurance Testing and Control
  • Study, Research and Statistical Analysis.
  • Recruitment and Personnel Placements
  • Project Management

Study, Research(Market, Demographic, Economic) and Statistical Analysis.

Bay Technologies provides Business Intelligence Information through Research, Censuses, Surveys and Statistical Analysis; and Field Link services Research Work We go beyond plain research to offer intelligence. It is facts and figures made as clear as your mother’s tongue. In an information age, where it not easy to identify information that adds value to your business. Customised mapping and internationally accepted research methodologies are applied to each case individually, resulting in the identification of critical business paths and priority needs to advise on business strategy, market penetration, retention and other valuable advice for business survival and success. Fieldwork Bay Technologies has built up a substantial network of expertise and field coordinators that can support customer projects Southern Africa wide. When it comes to reaching all the corners in remote/rural areas, we have no match. Analysis Bay Technologies has the capacity to analyse data on any number and complexity of variables. This is achieved through techniques such as univariate, bivariate and multivariate (Stepwise, logistic, logit analysis, log-linear models, canonical correlation analysis and structural equation modeling. Grouping procedures used are factor analysis, cluster analysis and multi-dimensional scaling. We confidently offer qualitative and quantitative research products, focusing on customer needs to enable the following:
  • Identification of crucial areas in the value chain
  • Assessment of product relevance to a specific market area
  • Testing of response to promotions, competitions etc.
  • Investigation of optimal product mix
  • Assessment of the efficiency of programs and changes
  • Identification of strengths and weaknesses in the process chain
  • Determining / Forecasting demand and supply
  • Determine possible constraints
  • Assessment of guidelines for repositioning and differentiation
  • Determining perception on core areas and overall satisfaction
  • Assessing position in the market relative to competitors
  • Assessing Departmental interdependence and effectiveness
  • etc.
These are a few Research Aligned models: -
  • Customer satisfaction Index
  • Benchmarking against Competitors
  • Prescribing an appropriate framework
  • Impact Evaluation
  • Usage and Attitude Research
  • Dealer Relationship Management
  • Expectation Research. .
Differentiation / Benefits to Clients
  • Time Frames: Specialised professional research within short lead times.
  • Wider Understanding: Most previous research has been concentrated in the metropolitan areas, due to lack of facilitators for remote studies.
  • Flexibility: It is our policy to work with the client to find cost effective and affordable solutions without compromising the quality of research processes.
  • Customized / Primary Study: Institutions may customize data as they wish. All adhoc research requirements are accommodated. .


Bay Technologies offers general recruitment services of permanent, contracting and temporary staff. We provide human capital skilled in the areas of IT, Financial, Engineering, Human Resources, Administration, Secretarial, Call Centre, Customer Service, Data Capturers, etc. We focus on clients in Government, public and private sector organisations.

E-recruitment has become a part of Bay Technologies’ corporate strategy. We are using online recruiting as our primary job search tool to appeal to both active and passive job seekers

By constant diversification, Bay Technologies intends to set itself above other recruiting firms in the industry by committing to providing individualised career consulting and recruitment strategy. We have demonstrated our abilities by responding within required time-frames as set out by our clients. Typically, the resource that we provide to our clients include the following disciplines:-


AREAS OF EXPERTISE We provide resources in the following skills areas:
Programmers/Developers Consultants SAP, Oracle, SQL, VB, Natural (Construct), JCL, COBOL , JAVA, J2EE, JSP, C++, HTML, DHTML, FrontPage, .Net, etc
Hardware Technicians IBM 3090, AMDAHL, PC’S
Systems Engineers MVS, PICK, JES2, MS-WINDOWS 95/98,NT, XP, MS-DOS
Database Administrators ADABAS, DB2, VSAM, ORACLE
Network Engineers NOVELL, Linux , Windows, UNIX
System Software Engineers Complete, TSO, CICS,
Desktop Technicians MS-Office / MS-Projects / MS-Outlook, Groupwise, Inspiration
Project, Programme Managers
Business Process Engineers
Business, Information Architects
Data mining and Integrity Specialist
CA, Accountants, Financial Management, Supply Chain Management, Debtors and Creditors
Civil, Electrical, Mechanical and Chemical
Talent, Remuneration, Administers
Project Administrators, PA / Secretarial, Call Centre Agents, Data Capturers
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